Scientific profiling and matching

A digital tool for shared living operations to increase tenant experience and value.

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Increased NPS

A high-quality, science-based tenant screening allows shared living operators to pinpoint relevant matching better, increasing living satisfaction and NPS.

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With automated methods and data-driven insights, we can remove all the unnecessary information and administrative steps in tenant acquisition.

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Stronger communities

Basing your tenant decisions on data rather than personal opinions means acquiring higher diversity and better accuracy, helping build stronger communities.

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Shared living for likeminded

For shared living providers with big ambitions, every tenant's experience is vital. Find the tenants that best match each other, and quickly move shortlisted applicants to the interview stage with Coly's unbiased tenant assessments.

We provide solutions for:

  • Coliving

  • Student Housing

  • Senior Housing


Send test

Send test

Start by sending out psychometric test

As a shared living provider, you want to spend your time in the best possible way, and doing personal interviews to onboard new tenants is time-consuming.


Take test

Take test

Your tenants fill out the form in just 5-10 minutes

With automated methods and data-driven insights, you can optimize the tenant application process while showing you care about your tenants shared living arrangements

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See results

See results

Receive a unique profile for personality and values

As a company, you get a quick and effective way to get to know the tenant, and as a tenant you get an interactive and insightful profile that helps prepare to share living spaces.


Match tenants

Match tenants

A shared living match is a click away!

The Coly Matching engine compares the test results to find the best possible match based on creating the highest living satisfaction, either through our automated system or freely against a specific shared living space.

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"I love our apartment, and you have matched me with the best people I have ever met. I was heartbroken when I accepted the job offer because I had to leave an apartment I could now call home."


Tenant, at shared living housing

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"Coly ME matching algorithm is a feature that we simply cannot live without! Having a digital tool supporting us in the decision making process of bringing in tenants makes all the difference. It truly transformed our community building!"


CEO, at Coliving operator

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