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An Optimized tenant recruitment process

As well as

Increased social functioning and NPS


Improving the tenant expectation management

Send test

Start by sending out the psychometric test

As a shared living provider, you want to ensure you spend your time most efficiently. Conducting personal interviews to onboard new tenants is both time-consuming and costly.

Through the Coly ME, you get a comprehensive and objective overview of how well people match within your shared living space.

Send out a personal link to the applicant's inbox. The applicant is then instantly registered in your company dashboard through a simple form, where it is easy for you to follow the onboarding process.

Take test

Your tenants fill out the form in just 5-10 minutes

With automated methods and data-driven insights, you can optimize the tenant application process while showing you care about your tenants shared living arrangements.

Basing how possible tenants match on actual data instead of interviews means a possibility to improve social functioning and dynamics.

Our psychometric test takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and gives a detailed description of the tenant's Big Five Personality Traits and values.

See results

Receive a unique profile for personality and values

Coly’s psychometric test result gives both you as an operator and your tenant a digital Coly ME – Profile.

It's also a quick and effective way to get to know the tenant, and as a tenant, you get an interactive and insightful profile that will help you prepare for your share living journey.

Get instant insight into the tenant's needs, strengths, and challenges. The ME – Profile will also help with expectation management and allow the tenant to thrive in their new shared living arrangements.

Match tenants

A shared living match is only a click away!

The Coly Matching engine compares the test results to find the best possible match based on creating the highest living satisfaction through our automated system or freely against a specific shared living space.

Coly ME Component Illustration Tenant Profile

Get an overview of current and potential tenants

In the profile view, you can manage current and potential tenants. Get a complete overview of where in the acquisition process they are and what group they are most compatible with.

Automated email send-out with every person added

Add name, surname, and Coly ME will deliver email, test language, and the Coly psychometric test straight to their inbox.

Giving a detailed insight into tenant's personalities and values

While the test result is a detailed Coly ME profile showing the tenant's personality and values, you can find a quick summary in the dashboard, giving you an excellent overview of all tenants.

Gather all your shared living groups in one place

The group screen gives you an overview of your shared living groups. Start by creating groups based on your residential environment. A group could be a shared living room, apartment, floor, or an entire house or building. Name it, set a max capacity, and add persons into the group, and you are ready to match.

Easy to get a complete overview

Easy to manage all your groups

Coly ME Components Illustration Groups

Help your tenants find the perfect housemate

Coly's Matching Engine algorithm is designed to create compatible groups of housemates with high social functioning. Use the Matchmaker the way you desire, find the most consistent group for a specific person or find the most compatible person for a particular group. The highest matching score indicates on highest social functioning.

Find the most compatible group for a person

Want to find the best group for a specific person? Select a person and find the best match of groups in the matchmaker.

Find the most compatible person for a group

Want to find the best tenant for a specific group? Select a group and find the best match in the matchmaker.

Coly ME Components Illustration Matching Engine

Easy to use web application

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Coly ME Dashboard Illustration

Easy to use web application or customize via our API

Use our API to tailor the Coly ME features into your solution. Streamline your tenant experience by integrate the psychometric test and profile into your customer journey.

Contact sales to get your account and API key and get started with our API documentation below.

A five star tenant experience

or what do you say?

“I love our shared living apartment, and you have matched me with the best people I have ever met!”


"I love our apartment, and you have matched me with the best people I have ever met. I was heartbroken when I accepted the job offer because I had to leave an apartment I could now call home."
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