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Coly ME

Scientific matching, personality & values mapping tool for shared living operations.

Your unique tool for providing
the best tenant experience

Optimizes tenant recruitment process

Increases the social functioning and NPS

Improves the tenant expectation management

Four simple steps to improve tenant experience & NPS

Coly ME is a straight forward and simple product to use. It will be your extra tool in your toolbox in order to create a great tenant experience and satisfaction.

1. Start by sending out a psychometric test

As a shared living provider you want to spend your time in the best possible way, and doing personal interviews to onboard new tenants is time consuming.

Through the Coly ME you get a comprehensive and objective overview of how well people match in shared living spaces.

Send out a personal link to the new tenants inbox through a simple form, and the tenant is instantly registered in your company dashboard where it is easy for you to follow the onboardning process.

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2. Your tenants fill out the form in just 5-10 minutes

With automated methods and data-driven insights, you can optimize the tenant application process while showing you care about your tenants shared living arrangements.

Basing how possible tenants match on actual data instead of interviews means a possibility to improve social functioning and dynamics.

Our psychometric test takes about 5 to 10 minutes to fill in, and gives a detailed description of the tenants Big Five Personality Traits and values as a result.

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3. Receive unique ME-profile describing personality and values

Coly’s psychometric test result gives both you as an operator and your tenant a digital Coly ME – Profile.

As a company you get a quick and effective way to get to know the tenant, and as a tenant you get an interactive and insightful profile that help prepare to share living spaces.

Giving insights into their needs, strengths, and challenges, the ME-profile also help the tenant manage expectations for their new shared living arrangements.

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4. With our unique matching algoritm,
a shared living match is a click away!

The Coly Matching engine compare the test results to find the best possible match based on creating the highest living satisfaction, either through our automated system or freely against a specific shared living space.

Create a higher satisfaction rate implementing our matching engine.