It all started in 2018

When the internal IT department of a leading Swedish co-living operation COLIVE set sail to create a better tenant experience.

Coly ME Team Image

The wishlist was long and ambitions were high.

The goal was set: 
Develop a state-of-the-art digital platform to enable efficient scaling and profitable operations. The wish list from the coliving operations team to the IT department was long.

As part of a sizeable coliving operator, we learned a lot.

We had the opportunity to create a platform that offered a smooth way to manage shared living operations. Moreover, we learned that the most valuable tool we built was the personality test, created specifically for finding a compatible housemate.

Over the last three years, we’ve seen it first-hand

Understanding and matching tenants using our test significantly helped operators create thriving compatible groups.

Coly Technologies is a spin-off of COLIVE, wherein the IT department decided to focus solely on scientific matching and personality values mapping for shared living. The product Coly ME was born as a SaaS solution to serve all kinds of shared living environments.

We strive to provide the best tool for housemate compatibility

Now we have a unique product for a vast market

Instead of a huge product for a single customer.

Coly ME is backed by years of research and validation of our underlying algorithms and large volumes of data. Coly is now providing its unique tool as a stand-alone SaaS web application or as an SDK product for Student housing, Coliving, and Roomie marketplaces to benefit operators and tenants.

The next-generation matching engine, personalities, and values mapping provide a seamless solution for tenant recruitment and great shared living experiences.

  • A way to gain a deeper understanding of tenants

  • Better social functioning and tenant dynamics in shared living spaces

  • Improved expectation management for tenants

  • Increased living satisfaction in shared living spaces

Our team

Meet team Coly

Coly ME Jonas Häggqvist
Jonas Häggqvist

Passion to create value for all stakeholders in the realm of shared living. Jonas loves all form of running.

Coly ME Filip Klementsson
Filip Klementsson
Co-Founder & CPO

Passion to create products with world class user experience and customer value. Loves to play golf with a hole-in-one as credit.

Coly ME Linnéa Brenden
Linnéa Brenden
Co-Founder, Lead Data Scientist & Psychologist

Coly's very own psychologist. The mastermind behind our psychometric test and matching algorithm. Loves data and the shared living concept.

Coly ME Pavlo Voloshchuk
Pavlo Voloshchuk

From Kyiv with love. Coly's IT department. The brain behind building the platform from scratch with the latest and greatest technology.

Coly ME Erfan Ezizi
Erfan Ezizi

Youngest in the company. Creates top-class code and delivers new unique functionalities daily.

Coly ME John Grundberg
John Gundberg
Head of Sales

The engine towards providing Coly ME to the world, helping shared living operations to grow and improve their tenant experience and NPS.

Mats Lexell

The latest recruit to Coly.  Not only is Mats a genius behind the keyboard, but he is also a musical genius and a master of his guitar.

We're hiring

Interested in joining us in enabling the best shared living experience?

Feel free to send in an open application. We always look for the best and brightest people to join our team!

Please send your CV to and tell us a little about yourself and what interests you.

Software engineer
Dev team

We always strive to find and have the best software engineer on our development team. Have experience working with Typescript, ReactJS, NodeJS, AWS? Apply now and be part of creating better tenant experiences within the shared living market.

Full time
Customer success manager
Sales and marketing

As we are growing with more customers we strive to always provide the best customer experience. Join our sales and marketing team and help our customers to achieve greater tenant experiences, communities and NPS.

Stockholm, Sweden
Full time
Product designer
Dev team

We aim for perfection. We are looking for a product designer who is striving to create high-end design with the best user experience. Be apart of designing something new and extraordinary. It will be a exciting journey, that we will promise!

Stockholm, Sweden
Full time
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